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Admissions Policy

Policy Statement

It is our intention to make our setting accessible to children and families from all sections of the local community. We aim to ensure that all sections of our community have access to the setting through open, fair and clearly communicated procedures.


We ensure that the existence of our setting is widely advertised in places accessible to all sections of the community. We ensure that information about our setting is accessible, in written and spoken form and, where appropriate, we would seek help from the children’s centre to support with translation for families with English as a second language. We arrange our waiting list on a first come serve basis taking into account birth order and siblings already attending the setting. We describe our setting and its practices in terms that make it clear that it welcomes fathers and mothers, other relations and other carers, including childminders. We support our local childminders and liaise with them when families use both provision. We describe our setting and its practices in terms of how it treats each child and their family, having regard to their needs arising from their gender, special educational needs, disabilities, social background, religion, ethnicity or from English being a newly acquired additional language. We monitor the gender and ethnic background of children joining the group to ensure that our intakes are representative of social diversity. We make our Equal opportunities Policy widely known. We are flexible about attendance patterns to accommodate the needs of individual children and families, providing these do not disturb the pattern of continuity in the setting that provides stability for all children and the sustainability of the nursery.

As part of the registration process, we will require parents to provide documentation to evidence their child’s date of birth. This will confirm to us that the child is eligible for the free entitlements. A copy will be kept on the child’s file and disposed of in line with our retention of records procedures.

Children can attend the nursery from 8am – 6pm Monday to Friday, attending for either full days (8am-6pm) mornings (8am – 1pm) or afternoons (1pm – 6pm). We can open at 7.45 am but this incurs an additional charge per drop off and must be pre booked in advance at the nursery.

We do ask that parents do not drop their children off early into the setting due to maintaining ratios. Therefore you will be expected to wait outside until either 8am or 1pm.

Parents need to arrive promptly to collect their child/ren at the end of their session times to ensure that ratios and insurances are upheld at all times.

A deposit of £100.00 will be paid when reserving a child’s place, this is a non refundable fee and when children start the nursery the £100.00 will be taken off the last months fees, as long as there are no outstanding arrears on your child’s account. Payment will be made monthly, in advance, by the 10th of each month.

Early Years funding entitlement

As part of the registration process, parents/carers will be required to provide documentation to evidence their child’s date of birth. This is to confirm they have reached the eligible age for the free entitlements.

A copy of the document will be retained. This will be stored securely and destroyed when there is no longer a good reason to keep the data.

We offer the funding sessions from Monday-Friday 8am – 6pm.

We aim to identify all children that may attract any additional funding such as EYPP, DAF, SEN Inclusion Fund and any locally available funding streams with a view to submit a claim/application to support and improve their outcomes.

We will work with parents to ensure that as far as possible the hours/sessions that can be taken as free provision are convenient for parents’ working hours.

We have a separate Special Educational needs (SEN) policy for our setting (please see policy in the folder) however, in line with our admissions we follow the requirements with the EYFS (2017) and the Equalities Act 2010 and the Special Educational needs code of Practice 2015. We will monitor and review progress for all the children in our care and if a child appears to be behind in expected levels of development or where a child’s progress gives cause for concern we will adopt a graduated approach with 4 stages of action: Assess, Plan, Do and Review.

We work in partnership with parents and provide information on how we support their child’s development and will seek consent to request support from outside agencies where necessary.

We have a responsibility to identify groups of disadvantaged children and will apply for additional funding available locally, if families meet certain criteria and this funding will be used to support their child whilst at the nursery to be included throughout the setting and able to access the whole curriculum.

We work with the local authority via ‘SEN Local Offer’ to ensure information is available locally to parents to ensure they are able to make choices about the right childcare provision for their child with SEN.

If you are not satisfied that your child is not receiving funding in the correct way then our complaints procedure can be found on the display board in the foyer.


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