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About CleverClogs Cringleford

CleverClogs Cringleford Nursery and Pre-School is situated at 30 Oakfields Road, Cringleford, Norwich, NR4 6XF in a picturesque cul de sac in the heart of Cringleford, with easy access to the Norwich southern bypass and the A11. We provide childcare for children aged from 3 months to school age, Monday to Friday between the hours of 7:45am and 6:00pm all year round, only closing for bank holidays.

We understand how daunting and emotional it can be when finding the right childcare setting, so we offer ‘in-building show-arounds’ where we will do our absolute best to put you at ease, to give you as much information as possible and answer any questions you may have.

Our set up at CleverClogs Cringleford

Baby Room CleverClogs Cringleford

Baby Room

For up to 9 children aged 3 months to 20 months with a ratio of 1 adult to 3 babies

Baby room provides a caring, stimulating and secure environment where babies can feel nurtured and receive the highest quality of care. The room incorporates activity areas, cosy area, sleep room, food area and messy play area. We also have a large outdoor area which the children love to explore at least once per day. Within these areas we provide a range of activities, which promote all round development to help your child achieve their full potential with a large focus on personal, social and emotional development.

Our staff are highly qualified and experienced in childcare with the passion and dedication to provide children with the best start to their learning and development journey. The staff members work closely with parents to keep them up to date with all aspects of children’s care and learning whilst ensuring individual routines are updated and met. The first step is to provide a thorough settling in process which allows us to gain an understanding of the child’s needs, routines, likes and dislikes, allowing us to provide a home from home environment. We offer settles free of charge before the child starts at nursery with a detailed first visit, including getting to know routines, going through our policies and procedures whilst supporting both the child and parents as we appreciate how daunting it can be.

To ensure this communication is continued throughout your child’s time at nursery we have a communication app called parent zone where key workers can communicate with parents, upload photos, videos and a care diary to include, what your child has eaten, sleep times, nappy changes, milks drunk and any other information.

Overall our priority is to ensure your child feels, safe, secure, nurtured and able to learn and develop. This is why every effort is made to recognise and manage each child’s individual needs and be flexible throughout the day, whilst providing ample opportunities for socialising, learning and development.

Toddler Room CleverClogs Cringleford

Toddler Room

For up to 16 children aged 18 months to 3 years, whilst offering flexibility in age with children transitioning in accordance to individual children’s developmental needs

Within the toddler room our experienced staff, work to develop children’s independence and social skills whilst nurturing and supporting children to learn and develop holistically. The children have access to a wide variety of activities, messy play, home corner, cosy area, story corner, sleep area and our large outdoor area. These areas are provided throughout the day with new and exciting opportunities and activities offered within these to deliver opportunities for children to learn and develop holistically whilst meeting and enhancing their interests.

The children are encouraged to develop turn taking skills and engage in activities such as problem solving tasks, construction building and messy play. They are also encouraged to develop their independence through taking off their own shoes, finding their hats and coats and choosing their own activity to explore.

We display family photos on our wall and provide activities and opportunities which help to build up a link between home and nursery.

Children are provided with a key worker who monitors and extends their learning and development whilst creating parent/carer partnerships. We aim to do this by posting photos and videos on their online learning journal as well as communicating with parents/carers and keeping them up to date with their child’s progress. Staff will also upload a care diary onto the application, providing a record of their food, sleeps, nappies and any other relevant information.


For up to 20 children aged 3 years until they go to school

This is the last room prior to your child starting school, therefore we build upon children’s continuity of care, learning and development to provide them with the foundations they need when they begin their journey to school.

The pre-school room aims to develop your child’s learning through a range of activities and experiences. There is a lot of focus with regards to developing their sustained shared thinking and logical thinking skills, as well as, building relationships with their peers, developing independence and self-help skills.

This is achieved through the use of our free flow room which allows children to independently explore throughout the day and the areas consist of messy play activities, group times, problem solving activities, construction, imaginative games in the home corner area, cosy and story area, puzzles and much more! Within these areas we provide an exciting range or play equipment which includes real-life props to help the child develop an array of skills.

The children’s creative development is encouraged, giving them the tools to create artwork with a selection of various media and materials and the practitioners provide them with the tools to make decisions.

Children have a key worker who monitors development and uploads photos and videos onto our parentzone application. Staff ensure all children are supported to develop their holistic development whilst exploring various activities which meet their interests.

In the pre-school room the practitioners have built up strong links with the surrounding schools to enable a smooth transition for when your child leaves for reception.

CleverClogs Cringleford Key Personnel

Sharnie Bruce

CleverClogs Cringleford Curriculum

The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) is embedded throughout the nursery. Practitioners complete planning based on children’s individual interests and next steps. We provide a balance of child initiated and adult led activities, these activities cover all 3 areas of the characteristics of effective learning.

There are 7 areas of learning these are split between prime areas of learning and specific areas of learning.

The three prime areas (below) of learning reflect the key skills and capabilities all children need to develop and learn effectively, and become ready for school.

The four specific areas below build upon the three prime areas, these are learned through play and exploration, both indoors and outdoors.

Your child’s key worker will document your child’s learning using Parentzone.

Parentzone is an online development journal where staff compile photographs and videos of children throughout their time at the setting. These are accessible to parents at all times through a safe login and provide an opportunity for you to contribute and support your child’s learning at home. This journal will also go with your child as they transition through the rooms.