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Owls love Health and Self-Care Theme

Owls children have loved a ‘health and self-care’ theme. They had a doctors area set up in their role play corner, and enjoyed looking at xray pictures on the light table. They made their own ‘x-ray hands’ using cotton wool buds and white paint. Owls children have also loved giving the baby dolls a bath then helping to get them dressed.

This month they will be focusing on an ‘all about me’, theme. They will enjoy having the choice of trying new foods, like exotic fruit tasting and making their own flavoured biscuits. Owls will have a dentist area set up in their role play corner, and will be making their own play dough teeth and pretending to brush them, talking about healthy eating and hygeine, and playing lots of turn taking and sharing games to get to know all their friends names.


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